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Beach Map 

A brochure map of our beach community will be provided with your rental for easy reference.

Click on the Scribble Maps logo to link with our Southern Breeze Cart Rental map.

  Local businesses, parking and recreational areas are indicated on the map.


Please.....Our electric street legal carts are restricted from use on Atlantic Blvd, Beach Blvd,  A1A (3rd Street), Penman and Mayport Road.  These streets may only be crossed with caution at designated traffic lights.


 Carts may not be used on any roadways with posted speed limits

greater than

25 mph without prior permission from SBCR.   


Unless prior permission is granted by Southern Breeze, electric street legal golf carts must be used ONLY within the area outlined by the RED boundary line and the ocean.  Failure to do so will jeopardize our insurance, and your use of the cart may be forfeited with no refund.  Thank you in advance for respecting our policy!

Arrangements can be made in advance with Southern Breeze Cart Rental 
if the cart is needed outside of the boundary area.
Scribble Maps

Map for Southern Breeze Charging Station at

"The Courtyard" Shoppes at 200 1st Street, Neptune Beach

Beaches Town Center Map
Jacksonville Beach logo

Click on image above to view

Low Speed Vehicle parking spaces

in Jacksonville Beach.

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