About Us

Eric and Catherine Sherline are excited to introduce their family owned and operated business, Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC to the Jacksonville, Florida beaches community and surrounding areas.  With the increase in popularity of neighborhood electric vehicle and LSV use in the coastal communities of Atlantic , Neptune, Jacksonville, and Ponte Vedra Beach, a void has now been filled.  Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC offers street legal cart rentals for beach visitors, local residents and business needs.
Each Southern Breeze cart is equipped, registered, tagged and insured for use on public roads.  All carts are themed in unique designs to promote the ultimate fun experience for the rental guest.  These great looking carts are perfect for a day of exploring the beach community, vacation rentals, corporate events, and special activities such as birthdays and weddings!  Not only are the carts casual and fun to ride around in, they also provide an environmentally green mode of transportation.
All of our carts are manufactured locally by MotoElectric located in Atlantic Beach, Florida and are licensed in the State of Florida as LSVs (low speed vehicles.)  The carts are allowed to be driven on all paved, public roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less.  On a full charge, the carts have an average range of 28 miles based on number of passengers and driving habits.  
Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC does not operate out of a retail business location.  We provide concierge delivery and pickup service directly to local hotels, homes and businesses.  Jacksonville and surrounding area guests visiting the beach community for the day will be met at Huguenot Tennis park, 16th Ave. S. Jax. Beach or other designated location for pick up and drop off.  
Eric and Cathy have resided in the beach community since 1990 and Atlantic Beach since 1993.  They are outdoor enthusists and enjoy the beaches community.  Both are very knowledgeable of the local area, and are a great resource if you have any questions.
The Sherlines look forward to providing local guests and beach visitors with a unique, fun and memorable experience while exploring all that the Jacksonville Beaches have to offer!


24 hour Advance reservations required